School Management System

School Management System is an innovative , web-based school management software which can allow schools to have complete control over each and every task related to management or administration at schools. It is highly customizable and userfriendly, designed and developed by scudds to help schools across the globe in managing scholastic or even non-scholastic tasks with all comfort.

School Management System is an online software which allows “school management committees” to just sit back and manage everything with the click of their mouse from anywhere, anytime.

Modules for School Management System :

School Management System is a comprehensive webbased software which has flawlessly been designed and developed to ensure smooth management of even the most complex activities at schools. It is perfectly designed and developed to eliminate complexities in management and to enhance the level of communication among students, teachers, parents and school administration committee.

Admission Management

Manage everythingrelated to admission process at your school. Online management can allow you to furnish clear cut transparency.

This module eliminates all complexities that are inherent in admission management.


Online Attendance

This module can help school authorities keep a tab on attendance of students and staf f. Attendance reports for students can be viewed class-wise or student-wise etc. Search with a “name” or “class” or “registered number” to know more about the at - tendance of a particular student. Keep tabs on late marking or leave records too.

Accounting Software

Manage all account related tasks with no errors by using School MAnagement System.

This module in Our Management System lets you get complete control over all your account management processes.


HR and Payroll Management

This module can help you in bringing effectiveness in payment methods. Administrators can have unique control over salary calculations. Manage everything from loss of pay to salary deductions, from bonus or allowances to tax deductions etc. It can be easier to generate salary statements or slips too.

Time Scheduling / Time-Table

Schedule time-table for the assignments, exams, co-curricular activities etc. View, add or edit changes anytime you want. This module can let you sched - ule duration of the class, avail - ability of the subject teachers or many other things to avoid conflicts in scheduling.


Library Management

This module lets you keep tab on everything related to library or libraries at your school. View reports on “books borrowed by the students,” “member - ships taken by the students”, “books received” or “books not ye t received.” Let you add or remove titles or virtually everything which are a part of effective management at the library

Online Exam Management

This module makes it easier f or you to schedule exams and conduct exams online. Upload QPs and allow the students to take exams.


Report Card Management

View report cards or progress cards online. Reports can be viewed by students, teachers, parents and administrators. This module perfectly eliminates the need of summative assessment.

Hostel Management

This module makes management at “school hostels” easier. Authorities can view reports on students who are taking hostel facilities, f ood being served, rooms being allotted, rent structure, requirements etc. Receipts on hostel fee can also be generated.


Transport Management

Keep tabs on transport f acilities provided by your schools. View reports from “fee collected” to “fee unpaid” from “number of students taking the services” to “the number of teachers given such transport facilities” etc.

There are many other modules too which can be added as per thec hoice or the requirements by the school administrators. TechnoSchools is highly customizable…