End User Computing

Enterprises of all sizes must design their future workplace to deliver value in new and dynamic ways. Scudds End User Computing services help organizations derive greater business value by eliminating desktop infrastructure bottlenecks throughout the enterprise.

Scudds End User Computing services offer comprehensive and flexible solutions using industry leading technologies that enable companies worldwide to transform and align their end user workplace infrastructure to “Mobility”, “Virtualization” and “Cloud” models.

Our extensive delivery experience encompasses end to end management of the workplace lifecycle including consulting, integration, support and maintenance.

Desktop-as-a-Service : Today’s computing environment requires IT departments to address more PC management challenges than they did just a few years ago. Users are increasingly demanding access to their applications and data anywhere and from any device. The rapid growth of knowledge workers who roam from one PC to another within the office has led companies to provide access to the user’s desktop experience at any computer in the workplace, effectively detaching the user from the physical PC.

Scudds Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) are a cost-efficient way to enhance security, streamline management, and accelerate your user productivity. Our Desktop Virtualizations offers a comprehensive solution portfolio which provides Hosted Virtual Desktop, Client Side Virtualization, and Desktop as a Service.

Global Service Desk and Field Support : Today, global enterprises are challenged to establish the best method for keeping their Service Desk aligned with their enterprise technology and business strategy, anywhere in the world, at any time. The primary service desk needs of most organizations are to ensure faster responses to resolving end users issues with a personal touch and cost-effective services, which can be rapidly and efficiently implemented along with seamless ongoing delivery.

Application Packaging Services : Managing Enterprise Desktop IT infrastructure and applications for any organization brings new sets of challenges and requires greater management focus. Ensuring seamless software distribution and upgrades of business applications is difficult, especially when faced with managing complex operational demands, increased user mobility and reduced IT spending. Our On-Demand Application Discovery, Compatibility Analysis, Software Packaging and Virtualization services enable enterprises to streamline and transform their business critical applications to work on physical, virtual and mobile workplace environments.

End User Experience Management : End users want to work in the most efficient way – at desktops within office premises, connecting to virtual applications through personal laptops, or using various mobile devices and tablets. An anywhere, anytime and any device work culture are redefining how the end user works and connects to enterprise infrastructure. This paradigm shift is forcing enterprises to view IT infrastructure availability through end user real time experience.