Scudds Attendance System

Time and Attendance System by SCUDDS

Attendance System in Scudds enables you to track the Employee's Attendance, when the employee start and end the work. The system enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours, thus it eaisers the labor payment in the end of the month and helps to control labor costs by reducing the overtime-payment.    

Some Of The Unique Features Provided by Scudds :
  • Tracking of accruals such as Absent, Late, Early Leave, OT
  •  Shift Management
  •  Holiday Management
  •  Multi Location & Multi Department
  •  Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities
  •  Desktop Application with Client Server technology
  •  Web Based centralized System Availablity

Benifits of having Attendance System :

  • Reduce the time required to schedule employees.
  • Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filling and storage
  • Significantly cut down on payroll processing time
  • Eliminate unauthorized hours
  • Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals
  • Identify and eliminate time abuses (break, meal, buddy punching, etc..)
  • Be more productive, efficient and profitable
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions
  • Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
  • Altogether eliminate the need to calculate time cards
  • Improves employee productivity

Why Biometric Attendance ?

  • RFID based time and attendance systems have a big loophole: buddy punching. For example: Ram Come Lately, delayed on his way to work, can ask fellow employee Sunil Buddy to swipe Laity's RFID employee badge through the time clock. The time clock will faithfully record Laity's attendance before he arrives, and the employer will pay Lately for time that he didn’t work.

  • Biometric time systems eliminate buddy punching because they are inextricably linked to the employee, not to a token such as an employee badge or a time card.

Finger Print Smart Card Solutions.

  • The Fingerprint smart card will have the same format in size and thickness as the standardized plastic cards circulated to all employees. All 10 fingers of every employee will be recorded into their individual smart card.

  • Biometric Smart card reader will be installed at every entry & exit doors where every employee can show their work begin punch & work end punch.

  • System verifies Fingerprint with card in less than 1 second and it supports up to 60,000 employee registrations in one device.

  • If employee strength is less than 1500 then there is no need to use Card and only fingerprint verification is sufficient.