Enterprises today rely heavily on networks to automate, simplify and integrate work across functions and locations to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. But increasing complexity of business environment has resulted in new challenges applicable to network business, enterprises and even small business whose networks support the business. With Logus you can enhance your business communications and collaboration with data, voice and video, increase business and network resources, improve business productivity and user satisfaction.

   •   We cover multi vendor, multi technology devices in a range of network environments.
   •   We ensure compliance with global networking best practices to ensure compliance with
        government and corporate regulations.
   •   We simplify complex processes to ensure that your security, convenience and business are
        never compromised.

We offer you the network solutions like :

   •   Network design, Structured cabling and campus telecommunication cabling.
   •   Data on Voice cabling using a wide variety of Fiber Optic.
   •   Switches, Routers and Gateways.
   •   Network solutions for Telecom Labs.
   •   Performance on monitoring and troubleshooting.
   •   Load balancing and fail-over solutions for LAN/WAN or Internet.
   •   Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) and Virtual LANs (VLAN’s).